Friendly URLs

The URL refers to the domain of the site and its location in the system, for example, http://www.domain.en/folder/page.html.

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Title and Meta Tags

Including title and meta tags is essential. The goal with this is helping search engine robots to properly classify a page.

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Image Optimization with WordPress

Image optimization is one of the most important tasks in the process of improving the speed of a website. Fortunately, WordPress offers various plugins to help us in this endeavor. The major problems that we will try to solve are:   – Images of high resolution and size, causing a high load time of the…

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On-site SEO. Introduction

When it comes to good organic positioning we must remember that we are working in two different areas:   – Internal (on page): It refers to internal pages of a website, i.e. improving optimization of the website, as having a good structure with effective keywords is essential for web positioning. When a search engine, such…

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