Instructions for Using the Essential Tools

The purpose of this area is to suggest the essential tools that will help you with website optimization and evaluation of the website’s performance. All of the tools we suggest here have a free version. The main benefits of using the essential tools include:   – Improve ranking of your website   – Explore the…

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive free tools for tracking statistics data about your website. It is easy to integrate and use, it provides the basic data for inexperienced marketers, as well as in-depth analysis, perfect for the large companies and online businesses. The possibility to create custom reports and set up campaigns…

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Instructions for Social Media Setup

Social Media Setup area is created to help you establish your presence on social networks. Since social networks have an important role in people’s lives, it is essential that you create accounts on social networks (at least on the most popular ones) in order to connect with the users. The main benefits of social media…

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Submit to Digg.

Digg gathers the most interesting news and stories on the Internet. A digg is a positive vote for a story. Digg combines the Facebook likes, tweets and diggs into a Digg score. You can submit your own stories or digg the interesting stories you find online.

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