Image Optimization with WordPress

Image optimization is one of the most important tasks in the process of improving the speed of a website. Fortunately, WordPress offers various plugins to help us in this endeavor. The major problems that we will try to solve are:   – Images of high resolution and size, causing a high load time of the…

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On-site SEO. Introduction

When it comes to good organic positioning we must remember that we are working in two different areas:   – Internal (on page): It refers to internal pages of a website, i.e. improving optimization of the website, as having a good structure with effective keywords is essential for web positioning. When a search engine, such…

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Optimized Headings

When search engines analyze our pages, besides analyzing the content in terms of quality, uniqueness and relevance; they do not see all the text in the same way. They are able to discern what more relevant elements are through the HTML formatting tags.   This means that if we want a part of the text…

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Alt Codes

Images are invisible to search engines, unless they are assigned an Alt code. This is used to add a description of the image that becomes visible when the user cannot see the image or if the image is not loaded properly for some reason.

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