Discover SEO 2.0

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19 years of experience and more than 1,200 SEO projects behind us.


What does it include?

  • Website positioning without risk

    Position your website in major search engines. The service includes multiple actions to promote your website.

  • Profitability

    Service is based on profitability, with increasing your sales and conversions being our priority. We help you drastically increase the results of your website.

  • Social SEO

    SEO service includes the so-called “Social SEO”, based on the recent Google algorithm changes.

  • Monthly reports

    It provides information on the evolution of your website and details about all the tasks performed.

Benefits of using our SEO 2.0

  • SEO Expert Since 1997

    We are one of the world’s pioneers in search engine optimization. More than 1,200 projects for companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors.

  • 100% manual work

    All the tasks are done manually, without using automated software. We are 100% transparent and we inform you of everything we do.

  • No strings attached

    No long-term commitment. We only want satisfied customers.

  • Exclusive SEO 2.0 methodology

    Our service adapts the traditional SEO, to what works today, without risk of penalties.

The service consists of the following actions, divided into 3 phases

Phase 1 - Analysis and selection of keywords

Keywords or search criteria are those expressions that Internet users use in the search engines to get to your website.

You should immediately be suspicious of those providers that speak about a small number of keywords. Such strategies have become totally obsolete and can be very counterproductive for your website.


It is worth pausing to elaborate on this point, since it is greatly significant and it is one of our greatest values ​​that differentiate us from most of our competitors.

There are two fundamental reasons why a strategy based on working with a small number of keywords is a serious error. Let’s see which reasosn those are:

A - It can lead to your website being penalized

Like it or not, Google makes the rules, and in this regard it has been very clear: it will penalize those sites whose links are provided with the same text. The Google algorithm has undergone two fundamental changes: the so-called "Penguin Update" and "Panda Update". We invite you to check this information on your own, so that you can realize the importance of this issue and its implications.

What is our approach?

Diversify the keywords that link to your website using, besides the most important keywords, these:

  • Natural variations of the main keyword (for example if the keyword is "online hotels", you would also use variations such as "interesting website about online hotels", "hotels and tourism information"...
  • The name of your company or your website
  • Parts of texts such as "this link", "view more"...

This prevents us from acquiring any kind of artificial links that can have negative effect on your website. We preserve the variety of words that link to your website and faithfully comply with the Google’s guidelines. All of this helps us achieve optimal long-lasting results.

B - What really matters to you is to sell more and have more visits

It is true that having a good position for a certain keyword could help you have more visits in a timely manner, but what really matters to any client is to increase the number of visits to your website and sell more. Do not be swayed by anecdotes, and focus on what is really important: the overall performance of your website traffic and how it is implemented in your income statement.


Phase 2 - Planning and Website Optimization Report

In this second phase the following actions will be performed:

SEO consulting report

After selecting the criteria, we will present a report with detailed analysis of your website. The report contains detailed recommendations for possible suggestions on improvement, along with illustrative visual examples.

For instance, we analyze:

  1. If the web structure is search engine friendly.
  2. If the construction of the URLs is correct.
  3. Definition of a basic Metatags model for some of the main pages as an example.
  4. Analysis and an example of optimization of Alt codes.
  5. Existence of Headings.
  6. Current status of the website in search engines.
  7. Generation of Google Sitemap.
  8. Analysis of the "body" element of your pages.
  9. Analysis of densities.
  10. Mobile usability.
  11. Crawl errors.
  12. Checking robots.txt


SEO tools and web analytics

In order to have greater control over your website we advise how to implement a series of essential tools to complement the SEO work. (The codes required for activation of the tools will be provided by the person in charge of managing the website.)

  • Web Analytics Implementation

This tool will help you assess the development of your website. Based on the results, we can identify possible additional keywords to promote them.


  • Google Webmasters Tools

This tool provides detailed information about your website on Google; you will have access to detailed reports on how Google directs traffic to your site and how Googlebots see your pages.


  • Google My Business

Local search is very important, so we will register your website on Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Hotfrog…


  • Monthly reports

Each month we will send a detailed report with all actions taken (we rely on a criterion of 100% transparency) and the most importnat web analytical data in order to have a complete picture of the your website situation.


Phase 3 - Content development, promotion and link building

As a part of our SEO strategy, we will produce quality content for your blog. This will help us get even better results, because quality content is an element which is highly valued today by the search engines, especially Google. The writen content is based on the following premises.

  • Topics of the content are related to your sector
  • Each article consists of approximately 500 words
  • Articles are written by professional editors
  • Articles are SEO optimized
  • 100% original content, verified by Copyscape

Created content is promoted in several ways:

  • On websites such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, Quora, Scoopit, Reddit, Slideshare ...
  • On websites with authority, that is, with a high domain or page authority.
  • Contacting influencers, bloggers, journalists...
  • Analyzing link building of the competition.

All contacts are made separately and individually. With all of this, we are able to increase content distribution and contribute to so-called "link building".



Additionally (top plan), the content will be disseminated through Facebook advertising campaigns to reach your target audience. Not only does this increase distribution, but it contributes to increased conversions and popularity of your website.

19 years of SEO experience and over 1,200 web positioning projects. SEO 2.0, SEO works.