Content Marketing for Shopify Stores

Increase the visits to your online store and improve the image of your brand.

Content Marketing is based on creating valuable and relevant content that will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and connect with your potential customers.

We are:     Partners Shopify

Content Marketing Articles Packs

  • Content Marketing Article Packs / Content / Product descriptions for your e-commerce

  • The problem with many virtual stores is that they use the same descriptions as their competitors. We are specialists in writing product descriptions that differentiate them from the competitors.
  • Writing Articles / Posts by licensed editors.
  • A single person is assigned to each project, so all the articles will be in the same style.
  • All of the texts are revised and corrected.
  • Writing Content on any subject.
  • Anti-plagiarism control of each article.
  • The texts are SEO optimized for your virtual store, taking into account the keywords that you wish to promote, as well as any style preference that is necessary (bold, links...).
  • Each post will include images and/or videos. (Optional)
  • Possibility to save articles as draft on your blog.
  • Languages in which we work: Spanish, English and Catalan.