Content Marketing

Increase visits to your website and improve your brand image.

Content Marketing is based on creating valuable and relevant content that will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and connect with your potential customers.

Content Marketing Blog Setup

  • Content Marketing Blog Setup

  • WordPress Blog. Installation and Configuration Manager for more powerful blogs.
  • Standard template. A default WordPress template is used to integrate the logo of your website. Should you require a custom design, it will be budgeted separately.
  • SEO Plug-ins. Installation and Configuration of essential plug-ins, so that the blog is SEO friendly. (Cache, Backup, SEO, Social, SitemapXML, Image optimization).
  • Social Media. Automatic publication of the posts on your Facebook, Twitter and / or Google+ account.
  • 4 Posts, 1.000 words each. The texts on your website are SEO optimized, taking into account the keywords that you want to enhance, and any style preference that are necessary for optimization (bold text, links...).
  • Images and / or videos are included in each post. (Optional)
  • Possibility to save articles as draft on your blog.
  • Content writing on any subject.
  • Languages offered: Spanish, English and Catalan.

675 USD

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