Google AdWords Report

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What does it include?

This service consists of preparing the report detailing the areas for improvement within the AdWords campaign, and it includes the following points

  • Google Analytics Implementation

    Google Analytics will help us thoroughly monitor the evolution of the campaign tracking and it can help us make decisions to further improve profitability and return on investment.

  • Review of the keywords

    We analyze keywords, matching types, negative keywords and search queries.

  • Review and optimization of the Google AdWords campaign

    We will look at the targeting options of ad groups, the overall campaign settings, schedule of the ads, daily budget, cost per click…

  • Optimization and preparation of text ads

    We will review and / or create text ads optimized to increase the campaign CTR.

  • Conversion Tracking

    We will show you how to track conversions / objectives of your Google AdWords campaigns in the future.

  • Profitability

    This service is based on profitability, with priority being the process of increasing your sales and conversions in order to drastically increase the results of your Google AdWords campaigns.


During the period when the Yahoo! directory was paid, we were exclusive distributors in Spain, after passing a rigorous selection process. All accounts in this directory was managed by Canal IP.

According to

From Carlos Sainz Center I want to share that we are very satisfied with the work you have done and you keep doing when it comes to the management of our website. For us, the information that you send us monthly via control panel is something truly useful. Also, we are thankful for the quick responses during unforeseen events that we may encounter.

Carlos Sainz Center

Canal IP has participated as a speaker at various seminars organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid on topics related to SEO and Geolocation, Social Networks and Linkedin, Essential Concepts.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid

We are am apartment rental company from San Sebastian. A year ago we started working with CANAL IP and the results have been good. The process of improving positioning of our website has been more than correct. On the other hand, both the sales manager and the consultant have been very helpful and available to us. In short, we recommend this company and their services.


We were lucky to have chosen Canal IP. On the Internet, we were looking for a company that we could trust and among all of them we have chosen Canal IP. Since then we have achieved great results and we can recommend their services to all businesses... except to our competitors.

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