Keyword Report for Shopify Stores

We select the best keywords for your Shopify store.

We measure popularity and competence to select the most effective keywords.

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Keyword Analysis Report Service for Shopify Store

  • Keyword Universe

    We will define and select the keywords that best fit your website and can provide quality traffic to your Shopify store.

  • Competitiveness

    We will analyze the difficulty that we will have in obtaining good positions in the search engines.

  • Popularity

    We will provide the actual number of times that the analyzed keywords were searched on Google.

  • Effectiveness Index

    We will use a formula to relate popularity and competitiveness to finally select the most appropriate keywords to succeed with your Shopify store.

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Advantages of Hiring Our Keyword Report

  • Since 1997 SEO experts and Shopify specialists

    We are one of the pioneers worldwide in search engine positioning. More than 1.200 projects for companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. Specialists in the e-commerce platform Shopify.

  • Knowledge of the Shopify environment

    Experience in the use and configuration of the Shopify e-commerce platform environment.

20 years of experience with SEO, and more than 1.200 web positioning projects. We are specialists in SEO for e-commerce on Shopify.