Google AdWords and Google Shopping

We help you get highly targeted traffic to your Shopify Online Store.


Experts in the management of Google AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns.

We look for ways to make your campaigns profitable.


We are:     Partners Shopify

What does it consist of?

  • Google Shopping campaigns

    Creation, management and control of Google Shopping campaigns. Help with creating feeds for your Google Merchant account, necessary for the creation of the Google Shopping campaign.

  • Creation and development of the Google AdWords campaign

    Ad group targeting, general campaign settings, ad scheduling, daily budget, cost per click…

  • Keyword Analysis

    We will analyze the universe of possible keywords and propose the most profitable selection.

  • Ads creation

    We make several texts for the campaign ads taking into account the most suitable strategies to attract you target audience.

  • Control, maintenance and optimization

    We will monitor the campaign to get the most hits and maximize conversions. We will constantly evaluate the results that the campaign is getting to make the necessary modifications if necessary.


  • Profitability for your Shopify store

    Service based on profitability, leading to increased sales and conversions. It dramatically increases the results of your AdWords campaigns.

  • Google Analytics Implementation

    Google Analytics will help us follow the evolution of the campaign more closely and we will be able to make the necessary decisions to improve profitability and the return of advertising investment even more.

  • Monthly reports

    Preparation of a monthly report showing the details about the evolution of SEM campaigns.

20 years of experience with SEO and SEM. Specialists in SEM for e-commerce on Shopify.


Advantages of Hiring Our SEM Shopify

  • Since 1997 SEO experts and Shopify specialists

    We are one of the pioneers worldwide in search engine positioning. More than 1.200 projects for companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. Specialists in the e-commerce platform Shopify.

  • No strings attached

    We do not ask for a minimum time when hiring the service. We just want satisfied customers.

  • Knowledge of the Shopify environment

    Experience in the use and configuration of the Shopify e-commerce platform environment.